Valuing our Values

I recently had my first article published on the Counselling Directory website.

I wouldn’t employ a tool if I didn’t believe in it’s benefit or the value it offered in a therapeutic/self-awareness sense. Clients that I have worked with have expressed how useful they have found it whilst exploring different areas of their lives, as have I. And so, I decided to write an article to share it with everyone in the hope that others would too.

That didn’t come without it’s personal challenges. There are a few typos/errors as I didn’t ask anyone else to proof read it. Lesson number one. But I’m not going to beat myself up about that as I’m not perfect, never will be and don’t even want to be and at the end of the day, the content is what matters and I don’t think those¬†little flaws detract from that.

Secondly, it was really scary¬†to ‘put myself out there’ in front of both the public and professional colleagues. I had to overcome that fear to produce something that I believed in. The response I have received has shown me that the fear was unjustified and has given me the extra confidence boost required to write further articles in the future….so watch this space.

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