Separation or divorce is not easy, especially when children are involved. The legal process can be daunting, expensive, lengthy and can exacerbate differences. Mediation is a process which aims to reduce the stress and expense and focuses on what can be agreed on regarding property, finances and co-parenting and thus results in solutions that work for all of you.

I offer Pre-Mediation and Family Mediation to couples who are separating or divorcing at my practice in Sale, South Manchester with accessible road, motorway and public transport links throughout Manchester and Cheshire.

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If you feel that this may be the way forward for you, please contact me by telephone on 07933 279616 or email angela@mindwell-group.co.uk for an initial discussion or to book a Pre-Mediation meeting.

About me

Mediator trained with the Family Mediators Association (FMA)

What I can do for you

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Opportunity to find out more and decide whether you are ready for mediation.

Family Mediation

A process which focuses on agreement to find solutions that work for you all.

Where we can meet

Professional, purpose built mediation meeting room.

What others say

What others say about their experience of the mediation process.

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