What is a Pre-Mediation meeting?

A pre-mediation meeting is a safe, confidential and individual meeting between you and your mediator to explore your options and provide you with information about what is involved in mediation to allow you to feel more comfortable with the process and whether it is the best approach for you. It is also an opportunity to explore your feelings about the separation, decide what issues need to be resolved and to decide whether you are practically and emotionally prepared to engage with the mediation process with your partner. If you are not yet ready, your mediator can provide you with information about other support you may need such as counselling or other professional services.

What happens next?

Should you wish to proceed with mediation, your partner will be invited to a pre-mediation meeting and receive the same information and exploration of their feelings and thoughts regarding the issues to be resolved. Their attendance is voluntary. Mediation would not be able to proceed unless you are both prepared and willing to engage in the process. This can be frustrating for you if your partner is not yet ready or willing to engage but the process cannot be enforced and the pacing of mediation to a time that is right for both of you will increase the likelihood of mutually agreed solutions. You can always return to mediation at a later date. When it is agreed that mediation is the best way forward, mediation meetings will be arranged where you both attend with your mediator to begin to the process.

How much does it cost?

Your investment in a pre-mediation meeting is £95 per person. The meeting lasts for one hour.

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