Whilst I may have a therapeutic background, this is not my role in the mediation process. Mediation is more like a ‘business meeting’ than a therapy session. However, given my background, I am attuned to the emotional impact of separation and divorce and will be mindful of that.

In both pre-mediation and mediation meetings, I will offer you a safe and informal space and encourage you to speak openly and confidentially about your thoughts and feelings regarding the issues you wish to resolve. In a pre-mediation meeting I will help you to decide whether mediation is right for you by discussing your current position and objectives, providing information on what is involved, and deciding with you whether you are emotionally and practically ready for mediation.

In mediation meetings with your partner, I will encourage mutual respect and will be focused on helping you to find practical solutions. I will be impartial which means that I will not advise you or represent you as individuals but help you to explore the options and ways of reaching an agreement whilst avoiding pressure being put on either of you.

I will help you to communicate more effectively and assist in reducing conflict, keeping the focus on the issues you wish to resolve and what you can agree on. Where children are involved, I will help you to consider their feelings and needs and to co-operate with each other in the future as you continue to co-parent.

I will co-mediate with a mediator from a legal background and it may be necessary at times, depending on complexity of issues, to have other professionals present, such as Solicitors and Financial Advisors or engage with Child Mediators should you wish your children to be involved. You should always seek legal and professional advice outside mediation.

At the end of mediation, I will produce an Open Financial Disclosure and a Summary of Proposals that you have both agreed on.

Basically, I am here to help you find a way forward whilst reducing time, cost and stress, reduce conflict and have a more effective co-parenting relationship for the future.

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