What extraordinary and difficult times we are facing.

Many people are quoting that we are facing the same storm but in different boats facing our own journeys. I have a different perspective. I believe that we are all in the same boat in that we have all had our ‘norm’ ripped from beneath us and now fearing and coping with this virus but our storms are very different depending on our circumstances.

Far too many have suffered losses of loved ones under the worst imaginable circumstances, many frontline and key workers are putting themselves and their families at risk everyday, many are experiencing job losses and financial insecurity, many are experiencing relationship and family problems due to enforced time together and problems of childcare whilst working from home and trying to home school, many are experiencing exacerbated family and relationship issues, including increased domestic violence and child abuse as a result of enforced time together, many are experiencing loss of being able to interact with family members, especially older parents, many are experiencing loss of physical interaction with others, many are experiencing the loss of hobbies, many are experiencing the loss of freedom to engage in self-care activities, many are experiencing increased existing or new anxiety, many are experiencing triggers to previous experiences, many with existing physical or mental issues feel that their issue isn’t important right now or are scared to seek help. The basis of our personal storms go on individually. but every single one is important. and there is so much pressure that we ‘should’ be coping and being ‘super parents’ or developing new skills.

I do not want anyone to feel that they have to be isolated in their own boat whilst experiencing their storm. Whatever you are experiencing and struggling with is relevant and is important.

It’s a time of complex emotions as we are experiencing loss, anxiety, trying to meet our basic physical and psychological needs and trying to cope with existing emotional issues. You may be interested in reading an article that I wrote at the beginning of lockdown. Please click here

I understand totally that people are pre-occupied with surviving the situation and personal struggles at the moment. Everyone wants to get back to ‘normal’ but it is also an opportunity to reflect on what part of ‘normal’ we wish to return to and what we would like to change for the future. That starts with working on personal and relationship changes, whether that be existing or new issues.

All therapists are different and it’s important to find the right one to work with you for your beneifit. I don’t work with a ‘one size fits all’ approach as I have trained in various theroetical approaches and adopt a pluralistic approach which means that I use a combination of approaches depending on what works for you. I’m hoping that my comments will give you a favour of what you can expect from therapy with me. Please read ‘What Others Say’‘ to decide if I’m the right therapist for you.

Like everyone, I’m having to adapt to our changed situation. So, here some answers to questions you may have and details of extra services.

Are face-to face sessions available?

Not at the moment during lockdown but will resume as soon as deemed safe to do do. Obviously both you and I/we would need to be free of symptoms and be taking all necessary precautions. My practice premises are large enough to maintain social distancing and additional, appropriate safety precautions will be taken and I would hope that you would respect those for everyone’s safety.

Currently, sessions are available via telephone or video conferencing for individuals (Zoom) and via video conferencing for couples. You do not need to have a Zoom account. You just need access to a laptop, computer or smart phone. I will send you a link to join a Zoom meeting which you just need to click on and ensure your camera and audio settings are switched to ‘On’.

If I start sessions via telephone or video conferencing, can I have face-to-face in the future?

Absolutely, as and when it’s safe to do so if that is your preference.

Does telephone or video conferencing work as well as face-to face?

Good question. I prefer face-to-face as many cients do. We have all had to adapt during the lockdown, I have worked with both existing and new clients via both of these mediums. It has been easier to continue the relationship that has already been established with existing clients but also refreshing how successful it has been with new clients without having previously met. Under the circumstances, the choice of medium is your preference.

Do telephone and video conferencing sessions cost the same as face-to-face?

Yes, it does. It is still the same professional time that you are investing in.

Sessions are £70 per hour or £360 if 6 sessions are booked in advance.

What services are available?

Ongoing Individual and Couples Counselling services are still available.

In addition, as I understand the focus on surviving in the moment and financial concerns whilst maintaining mental health,  I am also adapting the services that I offer in an attempt to support you with those considerations in mind. I’m now able to offer  one-off  90 minute sessions with no obligation to commit to additional sessions, covering the following issues which I feel are prominent at the moment:

  • communication in relationships which is the key to connection. This can help you through the pressures of lockdown or address existing or new issues
  • coping strategies for new or existing anxiety
  • processing loss, whether that be a new bereavement or trigger to a previous one or a new loss of any nature, as we are all experiencing that in some form.

These additional experiential sessions are essentially educational coaching sessions and do not need to include details of personal situations but can if you wish them to. They will provide understanding and practical strategies. Your investment is £95.

I am open to suggestions of what else may be beneficial to your wellbeing in the current situation. Possibly Group sessions? Shorter sessions to offload your concerns? Webinars of coping strategies? Please email me at angela@mindwell-group.co.uk

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