two people in a boat on a golden lake having a confidential counselling session

People start to heal the moment they feel heard and understood.

It's OK to ask for help

Everyone faces challenges in life. That’s natural. However, sometimes aspects of our life can become difficult or distressing to cope with or even overwhelming. The cause can be anything. We all have to deal with unexpected life events – such as a bereavement, a relationship breakdown or ill-health. Many people can experience problems at work. Anyone may over time develop a complete lack of confidence or purpose in life. Difficulties may also relate to deeper-rooted issues that we have held and which have affected our lives in the long-term. Relationships can develop problems for a number of reasons, often due to lack of communication, additional pressure on time due to family commitments, affairs, loss of shared plans or ‘losing touch’ with each other. It may feel like a weakness to disclose vulnerability, but it actually takes courage to ask for help to deal with the issues that you face.

Why go to a therapist?

Talking to friends and family may be difficult, as no matter how supportive or well-intended, they may offer advice based on their own views, experiences of life and expectations of the person you’re ‘supposed’ to be or what you ‘should’ do. In therapy, you can be accepted as yourself and express your true thoughts and emotions without judgement and be empowered to make any changes you want.

So why choose me?

I work therapeutically with individuals and couples.

I don’t like to label or categorise ‘issues’. Everyone experiences them in their unique way. But for ease of reference, I regularly work with people experiencing concerns with their relationships, anxiety, depression, stress, low self-worth, eating disorders, loss – from bereavement, infertility, divorce, retirement or redundancy, lack of focus or purpose, self-harm, suicidal ideation and abuse – sexual, physical and emotional. That is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should give you an idea of the range of issues where I can help.

I have experienced being in ‘the other chair’ and hope that together we can bring the positive benefits of therapy into your life too. I love what I do and am committed to sharing your journey and helping you to reduce your distress and achieve a more fulfilling life. Whatever is concerning you, I will respect and accept your perspective, and help you work through the problem to help you understand it and make changes in your life that are right for you.

If you feel comfortable with what you’ve read so far, then please contact me to arrange an initial session to allow us an opportunity to decide whether we can work together.

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