Many organisations offer ongoing EAP programmes to their employees which are designed to help them find a way to deal with problems which may be effecting their health and/or ability to function effectively at work. However, if you do not subscribe to an EAP programme, it is also possible to provide support when needed.

Often employers are not aware that an employee is struggling with their mental health and many employees do not wish to disclose this due to stigma and fear of discrimination or consequences for their job. It is generally helpful to display details of any programmes you offer or other local support services, including counselling, in public areas in the workplace so that employees can make confidential enquiries for themselves. Given the lack of resources and long waiting times people experience when trying to access therapeutic support via the NHS, an alternative is employer funded or private therapy. The cost of private therapy ranges but can be out of reach for many people. If your employee has disclosed their mental health issues and you wish to support them, you could finance short-term solution focussed counselling on their behalf or direct them towards services that could help them.

Counselling is voluntary and confidential

Counselling has to be a voluntary arrangement. No one should be forced to attend counselling as a condition of employment or return to work. A referral should only be made to me if you are aware of your employees issues and have their consent to do so. Other than the initial referral and confirmation of attendance for invoicing purposes, nothing further will be disclosed relating to the confidential contents of the counselling sessions or details of their personal circumstances.

Why choose me?

I am an experienced counsellor working on a short-term solution focused basis both privately and on behalf of a national EAP provider. I can help you to help your employees improve their mental health issues and overall wellbeing, be happier and able to cope with the demands of their roles and make it possible for them to return to work if they are off sick. I am fully insured, a member of the BACP and am compliant with GDPR requirements. Please follow this link to read more about what others have said about their experience of counselling with me. Testimonials

Your investment

There are no ongoing monthly charges, you are invoiced only for the number of sessions that you agree to finance, which is normally 4-8 sessions.  

Sessions are charged at £70 per hour.

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