I am an expert in procrastination, especially when writing a piece of academic work, or doing the ironing or mowing the grass….even writing this blog! I frequently procrastinate with a cup of coffee and refer to that as procaffeinating.

Procrastinating causes me stress. The deadline looms and the finished article is never as good as it would have been had I had more time to complete it. I get satisfaction from seeing an empty laundry basket or a neat lawn and yet the pile of ironing gets larger and the grass longer. So why do it?

I came across this article which made me reflect on why I procrastinate. Certainly fear comes into it….will it be good/interesting/witty enough? How will it be received? The power of positive thinking is frequently promoted so that we tell ourselves ‘of course, it will be’  but that then sets us up with a greater sense of failure if it isn’t. So, I like Manson’s idea that if we redefine ourselves in the simplest of terms, our identity will feel less threatened. That’s not to say that we are devaluing ourselves or not trying our best. We are just being accepting of who we are. Bearing that in mind, I felt more comfortable writing this blog. It’s me and will resonate with some and not with others. And that’s OK.

Still not sure why I procrastinate with the household chores though. Maybe it’s because I know that as soon as I’ve done them, they will need doing again!

Why not read this article and see what you think?

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