The darker side of online dating

Online dating is now part of everyday life for millions of people. There are many success stories of people meeting new partners this way, 23% of people in UK meeting someone online that they didn’t know before and 6% of married couples meeting their long-term partner. But there are also increasing numbers of people who are subjected to complex, traumatic experiences as a result of online dating scams, leaving victims both emotionally bereft and financially exploited. Scammers target all kinds of people, regardless of gender, age, sexuality or economic status.

To read my full article about how scamming works, who gets affected and ways to recover from it, please click on the link below.

Many people who have been scammed find it difficult to talk to family or friends for fear of being judged. This can leave victims feeling very isolated without support.

If you have been a victim of this malicious crime and would like to talk about it in a safe, non-judgemental environment, please contact me on 07933 279616. I offer individual sessions to help you work through your feelings or you could join in my group therapy sessions to confidentially share and gain support from others who have also suffered this experience.




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